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35212_1312684906483_7761067_nHello, my name is Anthony Cox and I have been helping people like you to reach their personal goals and beyond for many years, and this website is a result of many years of success.

Whether you seek ultimate health, strength and fitness, rich and rewarding relationships, intellectual emotional or spiritual growth,  a career that you thoroughly enjoy, or to simply get rid of the excess clutter in your life, you’ll find that my practical and action-oriented coaching programs will put you on the path to success.

Get the results you have been looking for!

The Internet is full of self-proclaimed ‘experts‘ and  ‘Gurus‘, and it can be difficult to know who to listen to . However I have worked as a professional Sportsman, with literally hundreds of people as a Personal Trainer and Martial arts instructor alone, and for over 15 years have worked with over 5000 people internationally as a Counselor, Life coach and as a Healer. I don’t say this to impress you but to impress upon you that I am absolutely speaking from personal, hard-gained knowledge and experience, as well as formal education. Please see the Profile page for details.

I successfully train, advise, and counsel many people around the World in person, via email, SKYPE live chat, call or video call,  or via telephone.

I deal with people from all walks of life, all cultures and demographics on a daily basis. I regularly work with community and religious groups and associations at their request, however I am not a member of any group of any description at all and work completely independently.

I practice what I preach, and I walk the talk. I maintain balance in my life. I can help and advise you on spirituality, health, and balance in life thanks to years of real and direct experience, unlike someone whose qualification is simply a certificate from a seminar or two or a religion, someone who has several letters after their name after sitting in college for several years simply remembering information, or someone who appeared on a television show once.

What is Coaching ?

Coaching is a synergistic relationship between the coach and client designed to tap into your full potential. Just as Olympic athletes wouldn’t think of training without the added insight, objective perspective and enthusiastic support of an athletic coach, many of today’s most successful business leaders, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and CEO’s use the services of a coach to take their lives, careers or businesses to the next level just as now more and more regular people utilise the service of a specialist to help with issues they are unable to resolve on their own, even if it is just to get them over one particular hurdle.

Start changing your Life for the better TODAY!

How it works:

I currently work with clients in many ways ranging from email to Skype telephone, video calls and in person.  All methods are effective and give you several options to fit in with both your budget and your lifestyle.

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Mind+Body+Soul Philosophy.

A human being is made up of three basic parts, being the mind, the physical body and the soul. These can also be broken down into further areas for study/improvement/understanding being mind – the conscious and subconscious, intellect; Body – physiology and nutrition; and Soul – your emotional self, a side that you perhaps don’t always share with others, but is an important and integral part of who you are and ties all that makes you up together.


All 3 ‘parts’ are equally important, yet the vast majority of those for example on a spiritual or self improvement journey, generally do little more for their body than go for a walk once or twice a week and drink ‘diet coke’ instead of the other stuff. There is far more to it than this, and I am totally serious when I say that improving ones physical self for example, will have a direct impact on one’s intellectual, and even ‘spiritual’ self.


Balance is everything.
So many motivational gurus go on about positive thinking being the answer to all, neglecting the other important aspects of what you are.


Positive thinking is nothing without positive action.


“Not having the correct balance of Mind Body and Soul in your life can be likened to a three-legged stool. If even just one of the legs is shorter or weaker than the others, you will be permanently trying to correct yourself with nothing reaching its full potential and you will soon fall down.”


*For a no obligation, Free initial consultation click here go to the CONTACT page*

It is possible to have balance in your life, this is where it begins…



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