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I have spent the last 30 years constantly studying the human being, what makes us ‘tick’, how to heal myself and how to help and heal others, and successfully putting  this knowledge into practice. I have spent the majority of my working life as a trainer or therapist of some kind, I can tell you that I never stop studying and really do keep myself quite busy!

bulletblueI have worked professionally as a Personal trainer, Rehabilitative therapist, Conditioning coach to professional athletes, Martial arts Instructor, Life coach,  and Trauma counselor.

bulletblueI am internationally qualified with FISAF (the Worlds largest fitness organisation) in the areas of nutrition, physiology, anatomy, gym instruction, and Personal training. I am also a recognised Fitness Leader with the Australian Institute of Fitness.

                   bulletblueCertified with the Queensland State Ambulance service. Australia.  Certificate IV QLD Health service.

bulletblueI have been a practitioner of martial arts since 1983 including a successful career as a professional Kickboxer in Japan.
Initially beginning with Boxing for self defense reasons, and growing to also include Tae kwondo, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Muay Thai, and eventually Jeet Kune Do certification.
I have also cross trained with various additional Martial arts.
I have over the years instructed many people in self defense and martial arts, from children to the aged,  individuals to groups, and many professional athletes and fighters.

bulletblueI have practiced meditation and Zen lifestyle for many years, and have studied and consulted at Eiheiji (origin of Zen), Sojiji (largest Zen Temple complex in the World), Sojiji-soin, and Taioji Temples in Japan. As well as studying many other philosophies and religions although I myself am non religious and do not belong to any group or organisation or stick to any particular system.

bulletblueI have University level education and Certification in Business development and management, and marketing.

bulletblue I have also completed  courses of study in the areas of complementary and alternative healing. I have done extensive study and research into and have many years experience with psychology, the human subconscious, and psychoanalysis.

bulletblueI have worked as a Life coach and adviser to Hollywood stars, and singers who have appeared at the American Music Awards and Grammy Awards.

bulletblueI have been contracted on a full time retainer as an adviser to a multi-millionaire businessman.

bulletblueI have consulted in person with sporting, corporate, and even religious leaders in several countries.

bulletblueI am often approached by healers and medical professionals to assist with issue that they are unable to resolve via their own means.

bulletblueI have over 20 years experience in Qi Gong / Chi Kung.

bulletblueMy work has been featured in many online articles, and in print magazines such as Quantum Knowledge, Rainbow News, and Perth Womans Magazine.


Born in Australia and growing up in Queensland, I first came to Japan in 1992, and have lived here permanently since 2008, for a total of over 16 years.

I have run highly successful businesses,  have personally worked with clients from 38 different countries to date, am fluent in the Japanese language and am familiar with multiple cultures.

I practice what I preach, and I walk the talk. I maintain balance in my life. I can help and advise you on any physical issues, health, spirituality, and balance in life thanks to years of real and direct experience, unlike someone whose qualification is simply a certificate from a seminar or two or a religion, someone who has several letters after their name after sitting in college for several years simply remembering information, or someone who appeared on a television show once.

Welcome to my website and I look forward to working with you 🙂



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