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Do you want to increase the power of your mind? 
Are you wanting to improve your concentration and ability to handle stress?


The power of the human mind is truly incredible. Learning to train and manage your mind is the most valuable skill you can possess. Your mind is responsible for all the functions of our bodies and is not just used for thinking and reason. It can heal and do many things that science is only just starting to truly realize and explore.

There are many courses on mind power and how to increase it, however the best ways to increase the power of your mind are to firstly understand how it works, and then have simple but effective methods to work with. Complex systems do not work primarily because they are not carried on with, and therefore defeat their own purpose. I have a Mind Power course that is extremely simple to do, is safe, and gets measurable results. Improvements can be found with concentration, quality of sleep, lowered heart rate, ability to release negative emotions and experiences, greater ability to learn and absorb   new information and skills, and greater awareness of your surroundings.


    No-one expects to become like a world-class performer overnight or for ground-shaking change to be instantly achievable. However
    there are ways to accelerate and grow your potential and performance in any area of life. Modern high achievers develop themselves so
everything falls into place with clarity and flow, and higher levels of results are achieved.

    With the Mind Power course, you will get in touch both consciously and subconsciously with the being that you truly are, and you come 

    to understand yourself at a much deeper level by opening the doorway between your conscious and subconscious minds, as well as your
energetic self
. As you progress, you will feel more empowered, more youthful, and even exhilarated. Importantly you are always in 

The instructions are extremely simple to understand and follow and do not require you to purchase anything extra, you simply learn how to use what you already have. Results will be fairly immediate on a subtle level, and will snowball over time. 

Subconscious mental ‘road blocks’ that are limiting or hampering your life can be removed or reprogrammed – forget the years of therapy or hit and miss attempts with hypnosis. I will educate you and supply you with proven material and techniques to empower you to be able to do this for yourself and even for others.

Subconscious Belief-system Reprogramming is the most powerful thing you can ever do for yourself because when your subconscious has been conditioned, it will resist any change to those patterns and will constantly pull you back to your old ways of thinking and prevent you from making the changes you want and need.

The Mind Power Course is useful for anyone who wishes to:

Experience greater peace of mind, calm and ease of being (in ways that will consistently surprise you)

Increase your learning ability, mental clarity, intelligence and intuition


Gain access to more creativity and inspiration at will


Increase your energy and vitality throughout the day (simply because you’re far more alert than ever before)


Solve problems easily and instantly (big and small) 

Regulate your natural healing hormones and improve your emotional, spiritual and physical well being 

Act quickly to gain your new freedom and put yourself in the absolute best position to move on with your life positively!

US $197

I want to let you know that I am experiencing more clarity and effectiveness with my meditations and general and overall ….well, “the force” is flowing thru me much easier! I admire your counsel and your work very much.  Thank you for sharing with us.

I can’t thank you enough for your kind, caring and compassionate response.
Elle. (USA)

Dear Anthony,

Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please email for details:  anthony@mindbodysoulfreedom.com

But That’s Just a TINY TASTE of What I’ll Share With YOU!
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