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I have many years experience providing expert dietary advice to people from all walks of life from children to the aged, weekend warriors to professional sportspeople.

On this page you will find details on programs I have to help you with the  following:
Weight loss programs
Weight gain programs
Diets for sports
Anti aging  programs
Detox  programs
Illness recovery nutritional programs


The old saying ‘we are what we eat’ is absolutely accurate. The human body replaces cells everyday and the building blocks are the things we consume. The bottom line is that if you live on junk food, your body is effectively made from that junk.
Also, I can tell you what amongst the mountain of supplements on the market are worth your time and appropriate for your situation, and which are simply junk!
Quality nutrition is not difficult!
You will not be expected to blindly follow directions, you will be educated on basic principles that are relevant to you, making it  much easier to follow and stick with programs


Read on to find the dietary program you are looking for.

Weight loss Programs

I will say up front that this should be called FAT LOSS programs, and I will refer to them in that manner from here onwards.


Do you look like these people? Or do you wish to avoid becoming like them?


There are so many diet and exercise programs out there these days all promising miracles, so it is extremely hard for you to find something that is genuine and actually works for you.  Also many of these diets, and especially many of the ‘diet supplements’ available  and commonly consumed are dangerous and their use can even result in death.
I take the guess work out and design a fat loss program for you that fits in not only with your goals, but with what you can realistically achieve. This way you have a far better chance at not only losing the amount of body-fat you wish to, but keeping it off.

Weight Gain Programs

Weight gain programs are relatively simple compared to Fat Loss programs, however there still are guidelines to follow and it is not as simple as just eating more. There are many reasons may wish to gain weight such as for health, after an illness, for a sport, for a particular job, and so on. Just as with weight (fat) loss, weight gain needs to be safe and unless there is a specific reason otherwise, you want to increase your body mass in a balanced way with increases in muscle mass, intro-cellular fluids, and bone density, NOT just an increase in body-fat. The program I will provide you with will be tailored with this in mind.

Diets for SPORTS

Sports specific nutritional programs that will put you in the best condition for your chosen Sport whether you need strength, endurance, or recovery. I can tailor the right Dietary program for you, whatever your age and chosen sport.

Anti Aging Programs

Anti aging is impossible without correct nutrition, and avoiding the things that age you both in appearance and internally is vital. While any anti aging diet works best in tandem with an exercise program, you are what you eat. I have helped many people regain much of their vitality and health from their prime, as well as significant changes in appearance. Get that clock going backwards today!

Detox Programs

There are many reasons you may want or need a Detox, but there are many dangerous methods out there and many ‘supplements’ that are either a waste of money, or are a danger to your health. I can show you how to detox safely and effectively! Proper Detox programs are nothing to do with starvation or necessarily consuming juices only, and in most cases there will be no limits set on the volume of food you consume.

Illness Recovery Nutritional Programs

I have a experience tailoring nutritional programs for people recovering from, or fending off a variety of chronic and severe illnesses including various forms of Cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Menopause, Andropause, Heart disease, Diabetes, Fertility problems, skin problems, and many more. No matter what your condition, proper nutrition is the absolute foundation of recovery and without it your ability to recover or even survive will be severely hampered.

I will give you the most effective and appropriate plan for your condition.


Custom Nutritional program  US$38

Custom programs with direct access to myself for advice and adjustments, and the opportunity to ask questions.  From US$58

Packages available: 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks.

Get yourself on track today!

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